Zika Virus

Zika Virus (Symptoms, Causes + Treatment) Simple SUMMARY

Zika virus is a virus that causes Zika disease, is one of the viruses transmitted through the vector of Aedes mosquitoes. Originating from the Flaviviridae family and the genus Flavivirus, the Zika virus was first discovered in a resident monkey in Uganda precisely the Zika forest in 1947. The virus still has a familial relationship with viral causes of dengue fever, so the symptoms are almost similar.

Initially, Zika’s disease is endemic in Africa but rapidly spread to other countries from different continents such as South Pacific, Brazil, North and South America, Caribbean, to Indonesia, found in Jambi by 2015. Because of its rapid spread, each country immediately took steps to address and prevent the reach of Zika Virus increasingly widespread. WHO as World Health Organization has announced international health emergency status against this virus.

Symptoms Zika Disease

Zika’s disease usually has symptoms with signs such as fever, headache, red rash on the skin, conjunctivitis ( the red-eye condition), muscle and joint pain. Indeed all these symptoms indicate a mild disease, but Zika disease or fever Zika this should remain aware and avoided, especially for pregnant women, infants and children. Although in rare cases, Zika’s disease can make a person’s health condition worse and even cause death.

Zika’s disease may not be harmful to adults who have an excellent immune system, but for infants and children, this virus can be a severe problem, especially for pregnant women. The reason, pregnant women who contracted Zika disease, will transmit the virus to the fetus that the mother conceived, and causes infants born to experience the microcephalus condition. Microcephalus is a condition in which the baby’s head size is smaller than the average baby’s head size because the size of the brain is small.

Zika virus has an incubation period of 3-12 days, and usually, patients who experience this disease will feel the pain a few days to a week. Until now no vaccine can protect a person from the Zika Virus, have not even found drugs to treat this disease.

Causes of Zika’s Disease

As discussed earlier, Zika’s disease caused by the Zika Virus, which is transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes. In this case, the most frequent type of mosquito to mediate is the infected Aedes aegypti mosquito. Aedes mosquito infected because previously bite people who have suffered Zika disease. If the mosquito bites another person, then the person will also be affected.

Aedes mosquitoes themselves are usually active during the day, and close to human activity. This mosquito is very fond of puddles as the breeding ground, both inside and outside the room. So environmental conditions are also a factor that causes the outbreak of the Zika Virus.

Treatment Zika Disease

Since no drugs or vaccines have been found to cure Zika’s disease, someone infected with this virus can only multiply the rest to reduce pain. To help patients infected with Zika Virus minimize pain suffered, the medical party usually just assist in the form of adequate fluids to avoid the body from dehydration.
The medics will also suggest adequate rest and provide medication for a headache or pain relief and pain so that the patient can sleep. Someone who infected with Zika Virus should protect themselves from mosquito bites, because if there are mosquitoes that bite and bite others, then the virus will spread and affect the person. At least avoid mosquito bites for one to two weeks until the person wholly healed, because the illness can last longer in the blood.

Preventive measure

However, prevention is better than cure. Therefore, as an initial action to avoid this Zika Virus is to prevent mosquito bites on our body. At least some of the following precautions can be used as the reference to do at home.

Prevention measures by eradicating mosquito nests

Just as preventing mosquito breeding causes dengue fever (DHF), to stop infection Zika virus can be done by eradicating the nest and minimize the opportunity of Aedes mosquito to lay eggs. This method is quite useful because prevention is done directly at the source.

The simple way that can do is to do 3M, which is to close the container or water container, draining the tub regularly and bury the used goods that can become a mosquito breeding. Besides, the local government cooperates with the community to conduct spraying of insecticides by safety and health standards.

Prevention Measures by Reducing Contacts with Mosquitoes

In addition to eradicating the nest and breeding grounds for mosquitoes, we can also prevent mosquito bites by doing the following actions:

  • Use the most negative anti-mosquito adverse effects on the body. For example, choose an anti-mosquito lotion or electric instead of anti-mosquito burn, so as not to contaminate the lungs and cause shortness of breath.
  • Wearing mosquito nets especially when going to bed. To minimize the hot conditions due to mosquito nets, choose a thin mosquito net type there are small holes to keep the air circulation smooth.
  • Wear long-handed and long-term clothing for well. Try to wear brightly colored clothes because mosquitoes prefer black and dark colors.
  • Use the cover on doors and windows. Wire screen can be a solution to prevent mosquitoes entering the house without having to block fresh air into the house.
  • For babies whose skin is still very vulnerable exposed to chemicals, do not use anti-mosquito lotion. As much as possible do not use any anti-mosquito. The solution is to use a mosquito net to protect your baby, not only in bed but also in the stroller and others.
  • Note the chemicals contained in the anti-mosquito that you choose. Read carefully every description and warning that is on the packaging, and make sure all the materials provided in it safe to use especially in the long term.
  • See yourself as soon as possible to the doctor if you go and return from areas known to be widespread of Zika Virus. Early monitoring will speed the healing process if it is proven to be infected.
    This precaution should be emphasized more for those who have not or can not protect themselves, such as infants, children, the elderly or the elderly and the sick. Start taking precautions of yourself, and do not forget always to see a doctor if you experience any of the symptoms mentioned above.

Such is the explanation of Zika Virus, the symptoms caused, the cause, the way of treatment until the precautionary measures. By knowing the ins and outs of the virus, we become more comfortable to prevent and handle it.

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