Get Tired Easily When Exercising

Get Tired Easily When Exercising (Causes, Prevention + Treatment)

You often get tired quickly when exercising?

It is not because your energy runs out that you get exhausted. There may be other reasons behind it. So do not push yourself.

I also often get exhausted when playing football. I am easy to feel tired, body limp, want to vomit, sweating very much and the worst ever is my eyesight has begun to faint and almost fainted.

What Causes You Easily Get Tired

There are so many things that cause you easily get tired. Here is some list we can cover for you:

1. Number of rest (Less rest and sleep)

One of the causes of fatigue that most often complained of by someone is the lack of sleep. Rest is the time for the body’s cells to regenerate and restore energy for activity.

Without rest healing is impossible, and without recovery, your body will not be able to perform well in the next practice session. So make sure that your body well rested.

Adults need seven to eight hours a day to sleep. If you are heavy sleepy during the move, it could be because of the quality and quantity of your sleep decrease. Be careful, because lack of sleep can be dangerous for your health and concentration.

How to overcome:

Make bedtime priorities and regular schedules for sleep. Keep your laptop, cell phone, or PDA when you sleep because it will help reduce sleep disturbances.

2. Water shortage (Dehydration)

One of the reasons why people get tired during exercise or exercise sessions is Dehydration. Do not forget always to hydrate yourself well to avoid the danger.

Fatigue may be a sign of dehydration. Even if you work outside or struggling on the table, your body still needs water to work well and stay calm. The symptoms of dehydration are you experiencing thirst.

How to overcome:

Drink water throughout the day, so your urine is brightly colored. Minimum two glasses of water every hour or consume more water before doing physical activity that has planned. Then, continue your exercise and drink two more glasses.

3. Diabetes

People with diabetes have high blood sugar levels, but this blood sugar remains in the bloodstream and does not enter the cells so it cannot convert into energy.

As a result, the body can run out of energy even if you eat enough. If you often experience fatigue without cause, ask your doctor to perform a diabetes test.

How to overcome:

Treatment of diabetes by changing lifestyles, such as diet and exercise, insulin therapy and medications can help the body in processing sugar.

4. Heart Disease

When you easy feel tired but not only when exercising, for example, due to routine activities, such as weeding the yard or cleaning the house, it could be a sign of the heart does not work correctly. Consult a doctor immediately if it turns out that everyday activities become difficult to do.

How to overcome:

Change your lifestyle, take medication, and follow the procedures of your therapy to make your heart better and restore your energy.

5. Stress

When your life filled with too much pressure, it is better to take a break first and avoid to exercise directly. Enjoy your time to meet the nearest person and best friend to give your body time to relax.

But if you force yourself to do both then you may collapse and experience great fatigue during exercise because your energy level is reduced and drastically weakened.

6. Anemia

Anemia is a significant cause of fatigue in women. Removing blood during menstruation can lead to iron deficiency. Red blood cells are indispensable to the body because they carry oxygen to tissues and organs.

How to overcome:

A lack of iron causes anemia. You should outsmart by taking iron supplements and eating iron-rich foods, such as meat, liver, shellfish, nuts, and iron-fortified cereals.

7. Most of the caffeine

Consuming caffeine in a reasonable dose can increase alertness and concentration. However, too much caffeine can increase heart rate, blood pressure, and seizures. Based on the research, consuming too much caffeine can also cause fatigue in some people.

How to overcome:

Gradually to reduce the consumption of tea, coffee, soft drinks, chocolate, and any caffeinated drug. Abruptly stopping may lead to caffeine withdrawal and excessive fatigue.

8. Thyroid Disorders

The advantages and disadvantages of thyroid hormone can cause fatigue. The butterfly-shaped thyroid gland located at the bottom of the neck. The function of this organ is to produce thyroxine hormone. Also, the thyroid gland is in charge of controlling the body in the production of hormones and energy combustion that will help regulate heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature.

How to overcome:

If you want to get rid of this disease is by blood tests and ask your doctor.

9. Lack of nutrients

If the nutrients in your body fail to fuel when you exercise and exercise, you may experience tired conditions. You need to provide enough carbohydrates, proteins, and fats to fuel while exercising. Also, make sure that you also warm up and cool down.

How to overcome:

Eat foods that provide enough nutrition for your body. Pay attention to your food and do not eat too many indiscriminate foods that are not nutritious; for example, junk food.

10. Season changes

You may need variations of dietary intake and exercise depending on your season and climate. Too much exercise intensity in hot climates may make you counterproductive.

How to overcome:

Pay attention to the nutritional needs (food) that suit you in your season and climate.

11. Too enthusiastic

Enthusiastic when exercising is okay. But if you are enthusiastic, then you should be wary of the exhaustion that can make your body collapse. You need time to stretch and cool down, to relax your muscles, so your body is not surprised.

How to overcome:

Get in relax while exercising. Eager is okay, but too enthusiastic and imposes your body is not right. It could cause something terrible in the long run.

12 Lack of Energy

Eating too little causes the body to become tired, but eating the wrong foods can also be a problem. A balanced diet can help you to keep your blood sugar levels in the normal range and prevents tiredness when your blood sugar drops.

Ways to overcome:

Always have breakfast every morning and try adding complex protein and carbohydrates in every meal. For example, eat eggs with wheat bread. You can also take a home-cooked meal to keep energy throughout the day.

13. Fibromyalgia and CFS

If your fatigue in the lasts more than six months is so severe you, and you can not regulate daily activities, chronic fatigue syndrome (CSF) or fibromyalgia is a possibility. Both can have various symptoms, one of the main ones is fatigue.

How to overcome:

Although there is no immediate cure for CFS or fibromyalgia, patients benefit from daily schedule changes, learning to improve sleeping habits for the better and start a light exercise program.

14. Urinary Tract Infection

If you have had a urinary tract infection (UTI), you may experience pain like burning. However, these diseases are not always indicated by these symptoms. In some cases, fatigue may be your only sign of UTI. You can perform a urine test to confirm the UTI.

How to overcome:

See a doctor. Drugs of antibiotic-type can be prescribed to overcome UTI and fatigue will usually disappear after about a week.

15 Hypothyroidism

The thyroid is a small gland at the base of your neck. This organ serves to control the body’s metabolism and regulate the speed of the body to convert food into energy. When these glands are not functioning properly and the metabolic functions in the body are slow, you may feel weak and fat.

How to overcome:

If a blood test shows your thyroid hormone is low, your doctor will prescribe synthetic hormones to restore your body’s performance.

17. Food intake

If the intake of food we consume the insufficient amount of body needs, then most likely we will fall in a state of low sugar (hypoglycemia) and consequently the body weak and not powered for the move. Characteristics You experience hypoglycemia that is body limp, headache, eye dizzy, cold sweat, and handshaking.

18. Sleep Apnea

Some people think they are getting enough sleep. However, never think that if they have sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder characterized by breathing difficulties and occurs repeatedly. Maybe you did not realize it, but every time this confusion arises sleep quality will decrease. This causes you to feel less sleep despite having spent eight hours to rest.

Sleep apnea also associated with various diseases, such as hypertension, heart problems, diabetes, and stroke. Sleep apnea occurs due to airway constriction during sleep. As a result, the oxygen supply will repeatedly stop throughout the night.

How to overcome:

Reduce weight if you are fattening, quit smoking, and try to sleep using a tool called CPAP that keeps you breathing all night long.

How to Prevent Get Tired Easily

1. Drinking Enough Water

Even if you’ve eaten a lot before exercising, fatigue can still be natural if you are dehydrated or lack body fluids. Water plays a role in providing nutrients to muscles during and after exercise. Therefore, try to meet the needs of water during practice, especially coconut water because it contains a suitable electrolyte for the body.

2. The Right Breathing Technique

Many beginners do not realize the importance of controlling their breathing. In fact, according to health experts, understanding breathing techniques during exercise is very important. Breathing does not only flow oxygen throughout your body, but it also drains energy, so it is essential to learn the proper breathing techniques so as not to get too tired during exercise.

3. Active Recovery

To improve your stamina and maintain your fitness level, try to perform active recovery. If you do weightlifting in the gym on a regular basis, try spending a day or two doing other alternative activities such as swimming, or playing soccer. Bottom line, try a different sport than usual. Because you do the same routine over and over, it can make you bored.

4. Sleep Enough

Your body needs time to recovery and self-improvement. Adequate sleep (about 8 hours a night) is excellent for post-sport body recovery process. To prevent fatigue after exercise, avoid staying up late and go to bed.

5. Eating Enough

One of the main that can cause fatigue during exercise is the lack of nutrients you consume. Before exercise, it is advisable to eat enough foods containing carbohydrates and fats. Carbohydrates serve to provide instant energy, while fat provides sustainable energy. Both are very important to support the physical activity that you are doing.

6. Don’t Exercise Too Long

Exercising too long (about 90 minutes) is very harmful to the body. To optimize the anabolic hormones in your body, limit the maximum length of exercise to one hour. Also, make sure you have enough calories for fuel and fluids to avoid dehydration.

7 Rest During Workout/Exercise

Benefits of inter-set time to rest. The duration of rest between sets also depends on your level of fitness. If you want to lose weight, you should break between sessions not too long to increase the intensity of fat burning. But if you ‘re going to focus on strength, you should rest a little longer.

6 Day Break

Even if you are addicted to keeping exercising, do not forget to rest. A break is necessary for the body to provide an opportunity for the body’s muscles to improve. Even according to fitness experts, too often exercise or overtraining the effect is the same as not exercising at all.

Recommendation Food for People Who Get Tired Easily

Here are lists of the foods you should consume when your body gets tired:

# Banana

Bananas contain many good nutrients for the body. When you feel tired, try to eat one to two bananas each day. Potassium and essential minerals will help your body avoid fatigue.

# Almond

Almonds are rich in vitamin E that can help the body to increase energy. Consumption of almonds every day will help your body prevent tiredness problem.

# Milk

Routine consumption of milk is very good for the health of the body. Mineral content and calcium milk keep the body healthy and strong. Drink two glasses of milk a day will help you avoid the body easily tired.

# Ginseng

We all know there are so many benefits of ginseng.

The content of antioxidants in ginseng helps the body to stay fit and healthy so avoid the tired. Drink three glasses of ginseng daily to maintain your stamina.

# Mango

Mango fruit found around us; the taste is good, so that makes a lot of people like mango fruit. Mango contains many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants needed by the body. Drink one glass of mango juice as your body feels tired.

In addition to eating the food above keeps the body stay fit you can do with regular exercise. Do not forget to follow your diet.


Many things cause tiredness that is too fast when exercising; by given the number of causes that produce rapid fatigue when exercising, then we recommend that you see yourself to the doctor for a reason can be enforced and you get the appropriate treatment.

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